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Songs of Yggdrasil

Songs of Yggdrasil

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Shamanic Chants from the Northern Mysteries

Experience the Power and Beauty of the Norse Tradition
Freya Aswynn, Priestess of Odin and Rune Mistress, presents the history of runes in what can only be called a magical performance. Both powerful and moving, these chants are living, potent spells. Included on this extraordinary 40-minute CD is a unique adaptation of the Havamal, the ancient myth of the runes and how they were discovered by Odin. Freya also performs an actual invocation of the gods, a circle casting, and more. This is perhaps the only existing recording of a rune practitioner demonstrating the art of galdr, the magical technique of vibrating runes. With Freya's remarkable vocal range, you can actually feel the runic power flow.

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