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Double Wall Glass Tea Infuser Rose Color

Double Wall Glass Tea Infuser Rose Color

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This handy tea infuser can easily be used two different ways: put the tea leaves in the top and the hot water in the bottom, reattach the center to the top and then the center to the bottom and flip it upside down to drain the hot water into the leaves to steep the tea... then flip it again when finished steeping for a finished tea cup. Or you can put your leaves in the bottom, and when you are ready for tea, put your hot water in the bottom as well, and use the top as a small cup and the infuser like a to-go tea pot! Either way, this infuser will make traveling much easier.

- leakproof, can be carried easily in hand bag.

- high quality borosilicate glass.

- heat resistant.

- can be used for hot water and cold water.

- capacity: 350ml.

- can be used for loose leaf tea.

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