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Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake

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If you’ve been looking for a crumb-free alternative to cake, the Chocolate Cake tea is the best of both worlds! This caffeine-free blend brings all the sweetness of a slice of cake with none of the crumbs or smears of frosting. It’s perfect for battling off the evening chill (even if that chill is from overly aggressive AC) while you catch up with a friend or cozy up with a favorite show or book. Chocolate Cake pairs well with pajamas, blankets, and going back for a second slice—cup.

Ingredients: honeybush tea, chocolate chips (sugar, ground cocoa beans with cocoa butter, powdered cocoa, emulsifying agent: soy lecithin), cream-caramel pieces (sweetened condensed skimmed milk, sugar, glucose syrup, butter fat, wetting agent: sorbitol, emulsifying agent: mono- and diglyceride of edible fatty acids), flavoring, rose petals

 8-10 minutes
203-212 °F
1-2 level tsp./ 6 oz serving
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