Bitter Lemonade


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2 ounce



Top view of heart shaped ice cubes in a glass


A great, fresh combination of candied pineapple pieces, sour apple pieces, lemon granules and big, freeze dried lemon peel offer a flavour medley of tart, slightly sour yet sweet notes reminiscent of a bitter lemonade. This one became an instant favorite of Mrs. Mum-in-law (and yes, I do call her that, its respect and also weird to call adults by their first name, don't judge me I'm only in my 30's! I'm not old enough to drop formalities!) .... Anyway, its so good, Mrs. Mum-in-law snatches it up regularly enough that I might have to quadruple stock it. Hehe!!

Ingredients: pineapple cubes (pineapple, sugar), sour apple pieces (apple pieces, acidifying agent: citric acid), freeze-dried lemon granules (maltodextrin, fruit (lemon juice), natural lemon oil, gelling agent: sodium alginate), freeze-dried lemon peel, freeze-dried redcurrants, flavoring

 10-12 minutes
203-212 °F
1-2 level tsp./ 6 oz serving
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