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A Year of Angel Guidance

A Year of Angel Guidance

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An Introduction to Twelve New Guardians

Connect to Twelve New Guardian Angels with this Month-by-Month Guide

Enjoy a daily dose of divine medicine with this book's inspiring messages sent by the angelic realm's unsung heroes. Each guardian is the focus of a full calendar month, bringing you day-by-day guidance based on that angel's theme. From January to December, you'll meet:

Jana, Angel of Doorway
Bridgette, Angel of Illumination
Willow, Angel of Manifestation
Faith, Angel of Growth
Daniel, Angel of Movement
Nel, Angel of Transmutation
Penne, Angel of Play
Solis, Angel of Passion
Sylvania, Angel of Transitions
Chana, Angel of Gratitude
Sophia, Angel of Reflection
Lailah, Angel of Darkness

This year-long devotional introduces you to lesser-known angels who want to assist with everyday concerns and show you the path to peace and abundance. In addition to daily lessons that help you navigate the human experience, this book offers a prayer of connection and a closing ceremony for each month that deepens your angelic practice. These guardians will be with you all 365 days of the year.

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