20,000 Secrets of Tea by Victoria Zak


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The Most Effective Ways to Benefit from Nature's Healing Herbs

Teas are the gentle, natural, most beneficial way to absorb the healing properties of herbs easily and inexpensively. A simple cup of tea not only has the power to sooth and relax, but to deliver healing herbal agents to the bloodstream more quickly than capsules, tinctures, or infusions. Feeling tired? Rose hips tea will rev you up and beautify your skin. Need some help with your diet? Ginger tea will provide the boost you need to help aching joints too. Hot or iced, these pure and simple drinks offer delicious ways to stay healthy and revitalize you from the inside out. This unique guide offers:

  • An A-Z listing of common ailments followed by the teas best used to treat them.
  • Instructions on how to create your own medicinal kitchen
  • advice on creating your own tea blends
  • descriptions of the top 100 herbs and their secret healing properties
  • And more!

(Skyberfire notes: Please note that this book is NOT an effective alternative to actual healthcare. See a doctor as needed, don't heal a sawed off arm with prayer, and please vaccinate your children.)

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